“…FitClass with Helen made the difference for me. There was only one other instructor 29 years ago that has impacted me as much as you have. I feel so great…”

- Patti, 55

“…I love FitClass with Helen… it’s NEVER the same and it ALWAYS challenges me…”
- KM, 24

“Thank you so much for your support! I truly appreciate it :)  I am so glad I found FitClass with Helen, I think I’ve enjoyed working out at FitClass more than anywhere else I have ever been…”
- Steph, 25 

“Helen is an awesome trainer! Awesome Class! It’s always something new…”
Dave, 39

“…my performance in sports has improved since FC with Helen. It’s great to see the results of my effort in real time…”
John, 34

“…yet again, another great FC with Helen…I had a lot of fun and it was a great workout.”
LB, 23

“…I’m an avid runner (marathons) but FC with Helen kicked my butt – what a workout!…”
JM, 46