Class Schedule

All Classes are 1-hour unless otherwise noted

FitClass with Helen:
Monday   4:30pm Power Pilates | 5:30pm FitClass | 6:30pm FitClass
Tuesday   10am Tabatas | 4:30pm Tabatas | 5:30pm Tabatas
Wednesday   4:30pm FitClass | 5:30pm FitClass
Thursday   10am FitClass | 4:30pm FitClass | 5:30pm DropSets | 6:30pm FitClass/ Pilates
Saturday   9am BootCamp | 10am Total Body Strength
Sunday   9am Floor, Core+More!* | 10am FitClass
(*ONLY on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month)
PLEASE NOTE: *Asterisk Indicates class is ONLY on the 1st & 3rd day of the month.

View “Meet Helen Legacy” for class descriptions. Call/text or email for additional information: | 585-360-3185

FitClass with Mike:
Mon and Wed
8am: FitClass
9am: Full Body Tone Class
4:30pm: FitClass

Tuesday and Thursday
9am: FitClass
10am: core and stretching class
4:30pm: FitClass
5:30 pm: FitClass

8am: Full body tone class
9am: FitClass

8am: FitClass
9am: Cardio kickboxing
10am: Stretching only class 30 minute

FitClass Studio
Canalworks, 1000 Turk Hill Road, Fairport, New York 14450